Welcome to the First In The Nation-1854 LLC!  We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Private Company with big dreams to make a significant impact in the lives of the Local, National, and International Law Enforcement Community.  Law Enforcement Officers are a critical constituency and we believe that investing in them is integral to a stronger America and our long-term future.  Leadership Training, Law Enforcement Lifestyle Apparel and Law Enforcement Promotional Products is what we do, but the Promotion of a Professional Law Enforcement Community is why we do it. To achieve our goal(s), we invest at least 25% of our distributed profits in the avenues that promote and support the Law Enforcement Community. With the help of our consumers who share our interests, and who believe in the power of positive change, our impact on the lives of the Law Enforcement Community and America will be significant.


The Leadership Training, The Apparel and The Promotional Products 

People ask us all the time:  “Are your products good?”  No, they are not good, they are GREAT!  First In The Nation-1854 LLC has some of the finest Law Enforcement products in the world and we wouldn't do what we’re doing unless they were. The up coming training packages are created and taught by Credible Leaders from various Law Enforcement, Military and Business backgrounds. The apparel and promotional products are manufactured from ISO Certified locations Nationwide, each product that First In The Nation-1854 LLC offers is carefully inspected and hand-packaged by our shipping department: and they are  fanatical about quality.  If you support Law Enforcement, you’ll love First In The Nation-1854 LLC.  And if you've never attended World Class Leadership Training, or purchased premium Apparel and Promotional Products, you’re in for a treat. All of our products are unique and have been specifically designed with you in mind. Our Law Enforcement Products are Top of the Line, but not overpriced.  Our Apparel is our way to share our excitement about the Law Enforcement Profession and our most popular product line. In the future we’ll be rolling out new Leadership Training Classes, Apparel Designs and Promotional Products, and we have plans to develop additional product lines that are branded for consumer affiliation with other aspects of the Law Enforcement Community.


The Service

Our tagline is "First In The Nation," and we’re committed to providing an incredible experience for you, the Law Enforcement Community. First In The Nation-1854 LLC is based in Boston, MA and we’re committed to only the finest service.  All orders are filled within 24-48 hours of receipt and shipped via USPS to ensure a timely delivery. We’re service-oriented and we’re committed to serving you.


The Cause

First In The Nation-1854 LLC has always given back to our community.  In January of 2015, however, we took the bold step of structuring the economics of our business and investing 25% of our distributed profits in the causes which promote and support the Law Enforcement Community.  Under this model, for every dividend or distribution that’s declared by the company and paid out to its owners, a corresponding 25% investment is made in non-profit organizations that are making the biggest impact in the lives of  the Law Enforcement Community.  Each of our non-profit partners have been carefully selected and extensively vetted, and we make our investments quarterly.  It’s a privilege and an honor to continue serving the great men and women who have worn the uniform of our Nation's Law Enforcement Agencies, and we’re committed to promoting and supporting them so that they can continue representing our Nation and the Law Enforcement Profession on a Global Scale.  A virtuous cycle is what we’re building, and we’re the only Law Enforcement Company that we’re aware of that’s committed to the kind of impact that that we’re committed to.

In the future, First In The Nation-1854 LLC will continue to expand its services, markets, and offerings. In the not-too-distant future we will roll out partnership opportunities; a “Friends of First In The Nation-1854 LLC” subscription program; and an “Unsung Officer” program.


Please email us directly with any questions, comments, or suggestions at info@fitn-1854.com.


Stay tuned, check back often, and thanks for supporting the Law Enforcement Community!