First In The Nation-1854 LLC  provides Leadership based training programs, designed specifically for the Law Enforcement Professional, Agency and/or Corporate Organization.  Every Law Enforcement Officer, Agency and Corporate Entity is unique, and our programs can be formulated/taught based upon your organizational needs; and levels of experience/skills. The First In The Nation-1854 LLC Training Programs are unique and provide the most up to date training in a variety of areas/disciplines. 
Courses are normally conducted at the customer’s location by a Mobile Training Team (MTT). This allows for access by more personnel from the customer’s organization while keeping costs to a minimum. 
The are times when First In The Nation-1854 LLC will team up with a variety of cutting edge organizations/companies to provide a higher level of dynamic support regarding training/advisory assistance, with emphasis upon the well being and survival of the Law Enforcement Officer and/or Corporate Employee.
First In The Nation-1854 LLC programs are at the "Tip of the Spear" and conducted as close as possible to a "Real World Scenario." First In The Nation-1854 LLC utilizes in depth risk analysis and management to provide risk mitigation without "choreographing" training.  The result is the most realistic training conducted in the Law Enforcement Community and Corporate World today. Training is designed towards Law Enforcement personnel, Agencies and Corporate Organizations for "the worst case scenarios" that they could possibly face. First In The Nation-1854 LLC's  Professional & Leadership Based Training will continue to be in high demand by ONLY the most SERIOUS Law Enforcement Personnel, Agencies and Corporate Organizations.
With an emphasis on realistic, hands-on, performance oriented training, First In The Nation-1854 LLC 100% "Leads The Way" in providing the best quality instruction and advisory assistance available in the Law Enforcement Community and Corporate Arena!

Audience:  Executives Teams, Management Teams, Administrative Staff, Human Resources, Employees, Contractors, Security Staff.

Law Enforcement Agencies or Corporate Organizations can email all "Group Pricing" Purchase Inquiries/Orders to