Kevin M. Guy 

Lead InstructorStreet Narcotics & Clandestine Laboratory Investigations 

Contact Information


Phone: 1(844) 273-1854


Kevin Guy is currently serving as a Drug Unit Detective for the Boston Police Department, and has over 30 years in the Law Enforcement Profession. Kevin is highly decorated and has had a significant impact on the “War on Drugs” in the New England Region.

For the last 20 years Kevin has been assigned to various Drug Control Units throughout the City of Boston, and has been a Sworn Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Task Force Officer since 2003, where he is assigned to the Mobile Enforcement Team (M.E.T).

Due to Kevin’s extensive knowledge of the Illegal Drug Industry, Kevin was selected, and assigned, to the DEA’s New England Field Division’s Clandestine Laboratory Entry and Investigation Team. Kevin has held this position for over 18 years and has conducted more than 100 High-Risk Clandestine Laboratory Entries.

During Kevin’s 20 year Narcotic Investigations Career, Kevin has become an expert in several aspects of the “Drug World.” As a result, Kevin has been able to extend his sphere of influence, and travel domestically and internationally to apply his specific skillset, resulting in several arrests and extraditions of serious Global Narcotic Impact Players.  

Kevin’s credibility can also be seen in his appointment as a Court Appointed Drug Expert Witness in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Kevin focuses on several areas of the Narcotic Industry, and in particular he devotes significant time to researching the following subjects, as well as employing and mastering the techniques he gathers:  

  • Retail & Commercial Level Drug Trafficking
  • Covert Narcotic Interdiction Operations
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Protocols
  • Drug Pattern Identification
  • Drug Effects
  • Designer Drugs
  • Search and Seizure
  • Informant Handling and Protocols  
  • Affidavit Preparation and Application
  • Fugitive Location and Apprehension
  • Electronic Surveillance and Detection


As you can see Kevin has an extensive Narcotic Investigations background and is a student of the Illegal Drug Industry. This is one of the many reasons that First In The Nation-1854 LLC teamed up with Kevin, and asked him to share his dedication, and knowledge with the Global Law Enforcement Community as our Lead Instructor of Street Narcotics and Clandestine Laboratory Investigations.

What you will read below is only a portion of what Kevin has accomplished during his Law Enforcement Career. These building blocks, continuous education and practical application in Real World Narcotic Investigations are sure to be instrumental to any Law Enforcement Officer working the Streets today.


Law Enforcement Training Background: (Not All Inclusive) 

  • Drug Enforcement Agency: Basic Drug Investigators Course
  • Drug Enforcement Agency: Tactical Team Course
  • Reid Interview and Interrogation Course
  • Department Of Justice: High Hazard Laboratory Entry-Level A


Law Enforcement Awards and Decorations

  • Boston Police Department: Medal of Honor (1st Award)
  • Boston Police Department: Medal of Honor (2nd Award)
  • Boston Police Department: Medal of Honor (3rd Award)
  • William Taylor (Merit) Award
  • Boston Police Department: Commissioner’s Citation (Numerous Awards)